Aluminium case EVO4 - EVO4 R1200GS +R1250GS ADV

Our BigHusky Evo4 aluminum case is a great accessory for your motorcycle and your adventures not only on the road but also off-road. With a combination of lightweight aluminum material and a durable welded construction, this case is the ideal solution for storing your belongings while driving.

Main features of the BigHusky Evo4 aluminum case:

Robust construction: The case is designed to withstand the demands of long, demanding motorcycle journeys. Its solid welded construction and durable 2mm aluminum alloy ensure your belongings stay safe.
Easy to install: The mounting system is simple and intuitive, meaning you can be ready to hit the road quickly. Mounting on the motorcycle is stable and reliable.
Ample storage space: Whether you need to store your gear for a long trip or just a few personal items, the Evo4 case offers you ample storage space.
Safety and protection: The trunk is equipped with safety features that protect your valuables while driving and resting. Quality locks and durable materials provide a high guarantee of quality and safety.
Stylish design: The modern and aerodynamic design of the Evo4 case not only looks great on your motorcycle, but also minimizes air resistance and contributes to a smooth ride.
Multi-purpose: The case is suitable for different types of motorcycles and rides, whether it is a long trip or a daily commute.
Painting: Possible custom painting of the entire trunk according to your wishes with powder paint - komaxit in RAL shades - gloss or matt.

With the BigHusky Evo4 aluminum case, you get a reliable and stylish companion on your travels. Bring the practicality and protection you deserve to your motorcycle adventures. Hit the road knowing that your belongings are safe and that you're ready for whatever adventures await.