Aluminium plate - BIGHUSKY

The Bighusky aluminum plate, made from durable 5mm material - high-strength alloy of aluminum and magnesium, is an ideal choice for motorcyclists who need a robust and reliable base for mounting luggage or other accessories on their motorcycle. This product is designed with strength and longevity in mind, making it a great investment for anyone who travels frequently or needs dependable support for their gear.Custom production according to your size and shape requirements is also possible.

Key benefits of the Bighusky aluminum plate include:

  1. Strength and Durability: The 5mm thick aluminum provides high load capacity and resistance to mechanical damage.
  2. Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight material, minimizing the additional weight on the motorcycle.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance even in adverse weather conditions.
  4. Easy Installation: The plate is designed for easy mounting on various types of motorcycles, allowing for quick and efficient installation.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for different types of luggage and accessories, ensuring maximum utility for various types of travel.