Bighusky company presentation

The Czech company BIGHUSKY manufactures and supplies ALUMINUM CASES AND TUBE CARRIERS for motorcycles and ATVs throughout the EU. It has specialized mainly in this production of welded aluminum case, tubular carriers, textile bags, bags and other accessories since 2000. The owner of the company is also a traveler on a motorcycle. Thanks to this hobby, product improvements and innovations are constantly taking place. The company Bighusky pays great attention to the requirements and experiences of customers. In the Czech Republic alone, there are several hundred motorcycles with BIGHUSKY EVO4 trunks! A considerable part of the products is exported abroad. All aluminum products are machined on machines with CNC technology, which guarantees precision and high product quality. Every year, the company Bighusky invests considerable funds and time in various sponsorship projects - challenging motorcycle expeditions, etc. I wish all my existing and future customers the best of luck not only when traveling!