Terms and Conditions

Updated 1/3/2023, valid from 1/1/2013.

Order - conclusion of the purchase contract

The agreement between the parties is concluded by the buyer's expression of will expressing his interest in purchasing the selected goods. This is done by ordering from the e-shop - bighusky.cz. The seller confirms receipt of the order, i.e. sends an e-mail to the buyer to accept the order. Most of the goods are made to order, i.e. the customer waits for the necessary time for production. If the customer needs to be informed about the exact delivery date, he must do so by email or by phone - i.e. the customer informs the seller about the preliminary date for the execution of the order. The customer can cancel the order if the requested date is not realistic with the production date, or if the seller is unable to deliver the requested goods - e.g. termination of production, etc. Order cancellation must be sent by email. The buyer bears the costs associated with this if he cancels the order after subsequent dispatch - the seller incurs demonstrably additional shipping costs - packaging of goods + transport costs.

In the case of custom production - /case carrier, aluminum case/ an advance payment in the full amount of the price of the goods may be required, or entire orders. In this case, you will be sent an advance invoice with VS - variable symbol and bank account number. /VS = order number, no. 2600836556/2010  Fio Bank/.

According to par. 53 citizen. disciple. the customer cannot withdraw from contracts, except in cases where withdrawal from the contract is expressly agreed:

- for the delivery of goods modified according to the wishes of the consumer or for his person - this is mainly a custom activity in the production of suitcases and suitcase carriers - painting and non-standard designs.

Otherwise, a fee of min. CZK 600 for cancellation of the order, including non-acceptance of the ordered goods by the transport service / payment of the incurred costs for packaging, shipping, etc. painting - postage + packaging + cash on delivery + painting/. The cost of sending 1 package is 250 CZK. The cost of painting is covered in full by the customer, including costs associated with it, the flat-rate cancellation fee is 600 CZK per piece of painted product!

Delivery times and method of payment

The seller will notify the buyer of the delivery date when the order is confirmed. Most shipments are delivered according to the agreement with the customer. The seller informs the buyer about the estimated delivery time and possible delay, the seller will provide this information at the same time as confirming the order. The supplier reserves the right to deviate from the promised date. The goods are paid upon delivery to the transport service - cash on delivery. Until full payment, the goods remain the property of the seller. In exceptional cases, the delivery period may be announced on the seller's website - on the front page. As it is a custom production, the delivery time may be longer, especially in the "season".

The price of cash on delivery in the Czech Republic is CZK 250. To SR - Slovakia - cash on delivery CZK 350, Other countries according to the price list of the carrier DPD. Foreign shipment - a fee of CZK 1,200 is charged or according to the price list of the DPD carrier or an agreement between the seller and the buyer.

Method of payment: foreign payments are only possible in euros to a euro account. The price in CZK is only for Czech customers - shipments to the Czech Republic. Cash on delivery is possible for countries - Slovakia in EUR.


Shipments are transported by PPL or DPD.

Price list for: custom handmade production + assembly:

In the case of assembly of the goods, e.g. other motorcycle accessories are charged at an hourly rate:

and/welding from 600 CZK/hour - even the hour started!

b/metalworking - turning, milling CZK 600/hour - even the hour started!

c/installation of accessories 600 CZK/hour - even the started hour!

d/body work - straightening work, pressing CZK 600/ hour

e/painting - prices according to the painted area - min. 600 CZK/pc

Liability for defects and returns

The seller is responsible for defects discovered during the delivery of the goods. The buyer must inform the seller about these in writing within 7 days. The seller is not responsible for defects discovered later and improper use. The seller is responsible for manufacturing defects. The warranty period is 24 months. Unused goods can be returned to the seller at the buyer's expense within 14 days, who will refund the buyer the full amount within 14 days of returning the goods to the seller's address. Including the costs of returning the shipment to the seller /return postage/ - these are shipments shipped in the Czech Republic. The goods must normally be returned and taken over by the supplier. The goods must be returned undamaged, unscratched and without signs of use. Otherwise, a cancellation fee corresponding to the degree of damage - use of the goods will be charged. Min. the amount of the site fee is CZK 1,000. Transport from abroad - return of goods for any reason is paid by the sender of the shipment /customer/. In case of non-acceptance of the goods, this amount is required and subsequently charged to the customer in full! In the case of using a different assembly kit than the one manufactured by us, intended for fixing suitcases, we cannot guarantee the quality of the attachment to the carrier and, above all, possible damage to the suitcase with another attachment system - products of other manufacturers, etc.

During the production of metal parts, thermal deformation of the material is possible, e.g. deflection of the material - occurs mainly in aluminum weldments - due to high temperatures during welding. In the case of steel products, deformation and tension of the material occur. We try to eliminate these phenomena, but they cannot be ruled out - it will be reflected, for example, in the production tolerance of the anchoring points, the inclination of the carrier, the bending of the aluminum trunk, etc.

Protection of sold goods:

By concluding a contract with the seller, the buyer undertakes that for the duration of its validity and subsequently for a period of 5 years from its end - delivery or by taking over the goods - will not engage in competitive behavior in relation to the seller that could damage the seller or further harm him in his business activities, and will not, without prior express consent or other authorization by the seller:
a) produce goods that are the subject of this contract - invoice - concluded on its basis,
b) copy, imitate or otherwise use technical improvements or solutions used in the production of goods by the seller, or these tech. transfer the solution to other third parties.

c) present these goods of the seller as their own or as goods of another entity. possibly companies.

In the event of a breach by the buyer of even a single obligation under this agreement - the contract, the buyer is obliged to pay the seller a contractual fine of CZK 1,000,000 /one million Czech crowns/. Other claims of the seller are not affected by the payment of the contractual penalty.

Protection of personal data

By sending the order, the customer gives consent to the processing of personal data specified in the order. The seller undertakes to protect the personal data of the buyers in accordance with the legal code of the Czech Republic and good morals. In particular, the seller will not transfer personal data to third parties and will prevent their possible misuse. The order contains the type of goods, the method of delivery, the place of delivery and the price of the ordered goods.

According to the rules for handling personal data, resulting from Regulation Ev. Parliament and Council Ev. With regard to No. 2016/679-GDPR, which entered into force on 25/05/2018, we /firma Bighusky s.r.o./ declare that we protect the customer's personal data to the maximum extent possible using e. modern technologies that correspond to the given level of technical development.

Only authorized personnel have access to your personal data and they will not be provided to any third party, except for the forwarding company DPD s.r.o., to whom we provide address data such as: first and last name, address and telephone number, for the delivery of parcels

Final Provisions

Other provisions are governed by the legal system of the Czech Republic, especially the Commercial Code, and then by good morals. The seller reserves the right to change these conditions, but without retroactive effect.

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